Dog pets are special and warm animals that bring joy and happiness to every family. A dog occupies an exceptional place in the hearts of human beings because they make people smile, laugh, and comfort them. Also, dogs are social animals, therefore when you feel lonely and tired a dog will always give companionship. At times you may encounter challenging and stressful circumstances in life and feel like the world has come to an end. Therefore, if you get trapped in stressful situations no need to worry because a dog is one of the best therapy pets.

Once you play, walk or exercise with your dog you will be able to decrease the level of stress and anxiety. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that you love and provide care for your puppy at all times. There are various ways and measures you can take as a way of protecting and securing your dog. One of these incredible ways is dressing your puppy. Clothes are essential to every puppy because they help it keep warm, protect the puppy paws and they enhance the appearance of your puppy.

Sometimes when people are organizing to travel for social occasions, hikes, and vacations they tend to forget their pet has part of their traveling team. However, puppies love to travel and adventure new places the same way human beings do. Therefore, you need to carry your pet when touring the world and attending various social occasions. One of the main social occasions puppies enjoy is a wedding therefore when planning your invitation guest list during your wedding remember to include your puppy. Carrying your dog on the big day will make it feel loved, cared for, and part of the family too.

Therefore it is important to dress your dog with the best and stylish outfits that will blend with your wedding theme color. There are many dogs’ outfits available in the market in the world and comes with different designs, colors, prices, styles, and sizes among others. For this reason, you need to select the appropriate outfit that will make your friend look cute and adorable. Here are some of the main outfits you can use to dress your dog for your wedding:

1. Flower Puppy Leash

This floral puppy leash is designed with fresh and green leaves mixed with pretty flowers. Therefore ensure that your florist designs the leash with the theme colors. This leash is important because it can be used to control your dog when walking down the aisle.

2. Jewel Collar

It is very weird to dress a bitch puppy in a bow tie. There are jewel collar is specifically designed to be worn by the bitch. Therefore you can choose a pretty bitch jewel collar that resembles the bride’s decor.

3. A Tuxedo

In case your puppy enjoys wearing suits then a tuxedo is the best ideal for you. Therefore you can dress your dog in a tuxedo that resembles the bridal team suits and this will make your dog feel like part of the bridal team.

4. A Neck Floral Bud

A neck floral bud is suitable for your puppy because it is light hence your dog will be comfortable in it. Therefore ensure your wedding florist design a neck floral bud that matches your wedding decoration.