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Blogging Wedding Trends from

Current trend for 2018 will be Beach and Destination Weddings.
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Beach and Destination Weddings

Quinceanera Quinceanera offers a wide selection of Quinceanera cake toppers, tiaras, party decorations and more for your Quinceanera celebration. These lovely Quinceanera cake toppers may serve as a perfect addition for your guestbook table, or to crown the top of your Quinceanera cake. Toppers and Tiaras also make a great Quinceanera gift!


Will you be wearing a bridal garter?

The history of throwing garters is considered to be the oldest surviving wedding tradition. Back in Dark Ages it was customary for friends, relatives and guests to accompany the bridal couple to the marriage bed. At first this was to safely see the married couple ensconced in their wedding bed and once established the crowd respectfully left the newly weds to their own company. The wedding garter toss became a game of sorts. The bridal party would toss the garter at the grooms nose and the person who successfully landed the garter on his nose would be the next to marry. The custom became rowdier and bawdier until the guests were eager to help the bride out of her wedding clothes. The wedding guests would try to grab the bride's garter for good luck. It is thought to forestall such impropriety, the bride's garter was given to the mob as a distraction. Soon this became an established custom. Throwing the garter to the groom's men is what remains of the custom. Gradually brides made garters easier to detach and finally to avoid threat of injury they tossed their garters away at the end of the ceremony. Garters were imbued with fertility and the bride's garter signified consummation, fulfillment, and progeny and was always fiercely sought after. Untying the bride's garter had a deeply symbolic act. In the past the lucky guest to receive the bride's garter would wear it proudly on his hat or arm, before giving it to the girl of his choice for luck. At today's weddings, the choice is up to the bride if she even wants to wear a garter. Many brides wear a garter belt for their stockings but the traditional garter can still be worn over the stocking. wedding gartersNow the bride wears two garters; one as a keepsake garter and the other as a tossing garter. Both garters are worn on the right leg just above the knee. Some brides wear just one garter, but it's up to you and what you are more comfortable with. Before the removal of the garter, the bride throws her bouquet to the group of single women. The groom removes the toss garter from the bride's leg. The toss garter is then thrown to the group of single men. Most brides get a blue garter because of that old saying "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue." The timing of throwing the bouquet and garter is up to you. It can be done early before guests leave but many brides prefer it to be the last part of the reception as most guests won't leave until this event takes place. It's your special day so it's your choice. Shop Here Now

Family Medallions Family Medallions

Wedding Cakes, Pies & Cupcakes

Wedding CupcakesWedding Cupcakes & Pies have suddenly soared in popularity and more brides and grooms are choosing to have this different type of dessert at their receptions. A traditional cake leaves you with a limited number of options. Flavors are restricted to one per layer and icing or frosting is usually of a single type. Cupcakes & Pies are a wonderful budget saver as well since traditional cakes can cost you more than the entertainment! Unique cake & cupcake stands and holders add to the presentation of this new wave of wedding cakes! Wedding Pie Buffets can also be a marvelous Show Stopper!

Wedding Dresses

Off The Shoulder style dresses are an inspiration for the 2018 bridal season. Long, full skirts paired with corsets, lace, chokers, and high collars - these are the details that you'll see on runways in 2018.

Blogging Wedding Dress Trends from

Wedding Favors DIY vs Buying

Wedding FavorsYour wedding favors are still an important part of your reception. You want to put enough thought into them, so that they will be a meaningful and a lasting reminder to your guests of the day they shared with you. Wedding Planners, such as David Tutera, say 'don't insult your guests with cheap homemade favors'. If you're shopping to buy the cheapest favors possible, just skip the entire favor process. A favor or table gift is a 'Thank You' to your guests. Nothing says, 'this is the cheapest thing I could find' like a few almonds in tulle or a chocolate covered spoon. Just skip it! Personalized favors with your names and date are inexpensive and will be a lasting memory for family and friends.

Las Vegas Themed Weddings

Weddings in Las VegasThemed weddings in Las Vegas are a popular alternative to getting married in a wedding chapel. Get married in your own private limousine while touring The Las Vegas Strip. Have Elvis pick you up at your hotel in his 1956 Pink Cadillac, cruise The Las Vegas Strip, get married or renew your vows at the world famous "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign or at the drive thru wedding window. You may wish to view the bright lights high above of The Las Vegas Strip, while getting married with a Strip Helicopter Wedding Package, or a trip by helicopter to The Grand Canyon for your wedding ceremony or in the natural surroundings of The Valley of Fire. Questions about getting married in Las Vegas, please call 1-800-784-5728 or 1-702-636-0801. Email:

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