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Family Medallion® Charm Bracelets
FM Charms

The Family Medallion® charm bracelet is a gift for those preferring a bracelet rather than a ring or a pendant. FM CharmsNot only can it be presented to children (or others) during the wedding, it can also become a family heirloom with additional charms added from other family activities including vacations, shared interests and hobbies.

Charm bracelets are available in sterling silver or 14K gold-filled and in adult (7 ½ ") and children's sizes (6"). Each charm bracelet includes a matching silver or gold filigree-style Family Medallion® and a special case for protecting the bracelet when it is not being worn. Each order also includes a copy of "Celebrating the New Family" outline, a resource for presenting the Family Medallion® during the wedding service. Actual size of medallions is about that of a dime. These items leave our facility in 3 - 4 business days.

FM Charm1

Family Medallion® Sterling 6" Children's Filigree Charm Braclet

FMC #1 ......$55.00On Sale Now$50.00


FM Charm2

Family Medallion® 14K Gold over Sterling 6" Children's Filigree Charm Braclet

FMC #2 ......$60.00On Sale Now$55.00


FM Charm3

Family Medallion® Sterling Silver 7 1/2"  Adult's Filigree Charm Braclet

FMC #3 ......$70.00On Sale Now$65.00


FM Charm4

Family Medallion® 14K Gold over Sterling 7 1/2" Adult's Filigree Charm Braclet

FMC #4 ......$75.00On Sale Now$70.00


Family Medallion Key Rings

Silver Key Ring

Each Family Medallion® Sterling Silver Key Ring comes with a display case and appropriate ceremony.

FMK #1 Sterling Silver Filigree Key Ring......$55.00On Sale Now$50.00


Gold over Sterling Key Ring

Each Family Medallion® 14k over Sterling Silver Key Ring comes with a display case and appropriate ceremony.

FMK #2 Gold over Sterling Key Ring......$60.00On Sale Now$55.00


Family Medallion 'Our Family Candle Set'

view larger image

Child's Hand Dipped 5½" Taper...$2.00 each
(Order one per child)

Family Medallion® 'Our Family Candle Set'

'Our Family Candle' is a resource for including the lighting of a family unity candle in wedding, adoption or blessing ceremonies. The candle lighting ceremony may be used along with the Family Medallion presentation. It is also suitable for celebrating family holidays such as Thanksgiving gatherings. Each candle set contains a unique Family Medallion® candleholder, a 9" white unity candle, two matching 9½" taper candles for parents, keepsake matches for re-lighting the candle on each anniversary or holidays and directions for a candle lighting ceremony. This one of a kind holder is slightly oval measuring about 10" x 8½" and about 1 inch thick. Each holder is individually hand made from ceramic and fired with a mother of pearl glaze. ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME. The set holds up to seven candles in addition to the unity candle and the candles for parents. Children's candles not included but are sold separately below. Note: Due to weight, we CANNOT EXPRESS ship this set. These items leave our facility in 2 - 3 business days.

Family Medallion® 'Our Family Candle Set'......$110.00On Sale Now$89.00


Children's 5½" Taper Candles......$2.00 /each
*Children's candles only sold with the purchase of candle set above and are not sold separately


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