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You are shopping in the United States of America,
all prices and transactions are in United States currency. - We Do Weddings LLC provides secure, online shopping for wedding favors, invitations, and bridal accessories from the comfort of your home or office---what could be more convenient!

Our goal since 1980 is to provide you with the best service, fast turnaround times and lowest prices that you can find anywhere for all of your wedding and party needs. We only offer products from the top names in the wedding industry and at incredible savings.Easily place your order online through our secure shopping cart system with your credit card or PayPal. Since all online transactions are done through a secure server, you can be sure that your information is safe.

We're glad to serve you as you prepare for your special day, and we hope you enjoy your experience at - We Do Weddings LLC

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Terms and Conditions of Sale

All topics indexed at left and below cover all terms of sale for purchases at Do Weddings LLC and affiliates.

Delivery Time - We Do Weddings LLC is proud of the fast personalized service we give to every order received. Orders are processed within the time mentioned in the product description and your order will ship accordingly after processing. Most orders will arrive to you within 10 to 12 business days unless otherwise mentioned in the product description if all items ordered are in-stock.Your confirmation email is auto-generated and mentions an average shipping time of 10 to 12 business days. This may or may not apply to the items you've ordered, it is just an average time frame used. See your product description for any additional production time requirements.

Items that take longer than the 10 to 12 business days are generally mentioned in the description of that item. Rush orders may be available depending on the level of current stock along with additional shipping charges for express deliveries. For credit card security reasons, all rush/express orders will only be shipped to the credit card holders' billing address and never to an alternate address. If you have questions about shipping times or need express shipping, please email us at Customers who add comments to orders such as "Rush", "Express Ship" or "Fast Shipping Needed" - - We Do Weddings will adjust invoices and add the amount for Rush/Express shipping to the order and automatically upgrade the level of Express Shipping so the order is received by the date needed. These options and statements are your written permission to adjust orders. In some case, depending on your delivery zone, rush shipping may not be necessary. In this case, if Customer Service determines your order will reach you in the specified time frame, your order will be sent regular ground shipping. PLEASE NOTE: all products may not be available for rush/express shipping. Rush/Express orders cannot be shipped to an alternate address for security reasons and will only be shipped to the card holders billing address.

Your order may be sent in multiple shipments resulting in multiple delivery dates. However, you will only be billed for a single delivery charge. If you need to contact us about your order, please include the 'Ship To' Last Name with order date to avoid delays. Do not use confirmation numbers as these numbers are only used to organize email responses and expire once an order is processed.

The terms in the product description such as" This item ships in 2 or 3 days", means that the item leaves our facility in 2 or 3 days. Shipping time whether ground or express would be estimated once the item leaves the facility. EXAMPLE: An order with 2 Day Shipping may not reach you for 3 to 5 days from order date. Production time, availability and schedules determine when an item actually ships.

In-Plant Rush: Orders using In-Plant Rush will be processed for production as soon as they are received by Customer Service. In-Plant Rush expedites the processing of your order to place it into production faster. Orders using the In-Plant Rush on average are delivered 3 to 5 days earlier than regular orders without express shipping charges depending on product description for production time. Regular orders generally take 10 to 12 business days to arrive depending on product description for production time. In-Plant Rush does not imply and is not express shipping. Express shipping is available on certain products only.

If there is a legal holiday or bad weather within this shipping period, be sure to add at least another 24 to 48 hours into the time frame.

Because we strive to offer our customers the fastest service possible, once an order has been received, it is automatically processed and cannot be changed (modified) or canceled. Please be sure to check over your information carefully before sending your order.

As a courtesy, last minute orders where we cannot honestly make your date needed, may be declined. An email notification will be sent. When placing your order, please use a valid email address that you check often.

Sales / Special Offers

All prior sales excluded. Web site / Shopping Cart pricing is checked daily for accuracy and prices shown are the most current available. Sale pricing is honored for current sale period only. Some sale periods may be as short as one day sale specials. Click on your browser's "refresh" or "reload" button for the most current web page pricing. Discounts mentioned on an affiliate site such as our Online Invitation Shops, etc., are only available for those web site locations and not inclusive for other web site properties of - We Do Weddings.

Gift Messages Do Weddings LLC is an online retail store and not a gift service. We are unable to provide gift cards, messages or notifications to receivers of shipments. If you are sending one of our products as a gift, we suggest you contact the receiver and give them notice that a package or gift from you has been sent. This will eliminate future problems such as receivers refusing delivery or not acknowledging receipt of these gift orders.

Credit Cards

Important: Fill in the billing address that your credit card statements are mailed to. We cannot process your order if we cannot verify the address you provide with the credit card company. Order confirmations are sent to you automatically after placing your order. This only confirms that we have received your order. When the order is being processed, we will send another email if there were problems with your credit card such as address verification and declined purchases. For internet security reasons, Do Weddings LLC and it's affiliates reserve the right to decline any purchase by credit card where card holder identity cannot be verified via card holder's billing address and listings in the public domain.

Credit Card fraud is a felony and we will continue to aggressively prosecute anyone attempting misuse of a credit card for purchases with our company. As your computer's I.P. address is connected to your transaction, we will use all means available to prosecute persons attempting fraud on a local as well as national level. For further questions, please contact our Fraud Prevention Security Unit.

Your Credit Card Statement

Purchases on your credit card statement will be listed as We Do Weddings, depending on your credit card company. Note: When paying by credit card, payment will be charged at the time of order.

PAPER INVOICES: We keep your costs low and functionality high by providing you with online automated email invoices in the form of your email confirmation. This email invoice is a mirror image of the order placed by you as no one retypes this information. You can always print copies of your automated email confirmation invoice and keep them for your own records. Because we ship from six locations around the country, an invoice will not be included with your package. The packing slip for those enclosed items will also not include every part of your order. Packing slips will only include products shipped from that specific location. Please refer to your original automated email confirmation.

If a credit was applied to your order for any reason, these credits are applied immediately upon notification. It is up to your bank or card company's credit policy as to when this credit is actually posted to your account.

Payment Types - Paypal - MasterCard - VISA - Discover

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Ordering Problems

Before going any further, be sure you have the most current web page in your browser. Go back to the page that gave you the problem and simply click the refresh button in your browser. If you are using the AOL browser, try using a different browser outside of AOL such as , Safari, Opera, MS Internet Explorer or Firefox. This should eliminate the " product code not found error."

 If you pressed the Process Order button and then pressed the OK button, you should see an immediate Thank You window. You will also receive an immediate automated email confirmation if you used a correct unblocked email address. If not, chances are your order did not go through. Please try ordering again. Any duplicate orders are trapped if they are simultaneous so you will not be charged twice. If you are having a problem ordering from your place of employment, some employers block eCommerce sites. See your IT/LAN administrator for help.

The latest versions of Internet Explorer have at times caused problems with placing orders in our shopping cart system. Mozilla Firefox ® is our preferred browser - click here

First, we would like to assure you that this is NOT a problem or bug with our shopping cart system. The core of the problem is that the default browser settings for the new releases are set to high security with cookies turned OFF.

Merchant shopping carts on the internet rely on cookies for the most part to track the users purchases and shopping cart activity during the shopping session only. Do Weddings LLC does not use cookies for any other purpose but to help you through your ordering process by letting you return to the cart when viewing our products. The problems start to occur when a user has turned their cookies off, or in the case of the new browsers, have not turned them on.

Because of the new browser releases, problems with the shopping cart have been brought to the forefront of concern of our customers. As a result, Do Weddings LLC has added a feature to the cart that will detect if cookies are turned on or off. If the cookies are found to be turned off, an error message is shown to the customer, warning them that they must have cookies turned on. This will make shopping at Do Weddings LLC more accurate and avoid order errors. Again, cookies are sent only to help you through the ordering process and for no other reason.

Please try to avoid using Free or Anonymous email addresses such Excite, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc. to speed up processing of your orders. If you do not receive an email confirmation, 1. be sure you entered your email address correctly 2. check your bulk mail folder as these services sometimes drop valuable information into your junk / spam mail folders.

Shopping Cart Problems - our shopping cart is a separate secured site. If you experience problems when ordering, the shopping cart may be down for maintenance or unavailable due to excessive traffic. You will generally receive an error page such as: "The page cannot be displayed". If you receive this message, please try again at a later time.

As with any secure site, be sure to use the navigation buttons on the shopping cart web pages and not the navigation buttons in your browser.

If you continue to have problems ordering through our domestic shopping cart, you may find the same item and easier navigating through our international site. Certain products may not be available from our international site and pricing may also be different as this site is an affiliate site and may not have the same sale prices. Click on Ordering Options.

Shipping and Handling - Explanation of Term

Shipping refers to the charge of delivery (rates) as set by the carrier. Do Weddings LLC will pursue the least expensive cost for your order unless you specifically request express service. Your one time shipping charge will be shown before placing your order. This cost will also be reflected in your email confirmation. There will be no additional shipping charge added including shipping of multiple packages sent from different locations. Large orders for heavy weight items may require extra shipping charges. You will be notified immediately and an adjusted invoice will be emailed if this should ever occur. A limited number of odd sized or heavy weight items require separate shipping and these items will have specific warning messages in that product's description details. These same products may not be available for express shipping.

Handling refers to the cost of the shipping carton, packing material, packaging/sealing tape, labor and transport costs involved in transferring packages to carriers.

Express/Overnight shipping is available. Orders placed online will be sent via UPS regular ground unless otherwise marked in the shopping cart. Check rate chart for express shipping charges. PLEASE NOTE: all products may not be available for Rush/Express shipping. Rush/Express orders cannot be shipped to an alternate address and will only be shipped to the card holders billing address for security reasons. EXAMPLE: depending on product and time of order, Next Day Air does not mean tomorrow. Orders usually process in-house for 24 to 72 hours depending on the item and then ship. An order with adjusted shipping may not arrive as per shipping charged but a combination of production time and shipping. Express shipping amounts are additions to the invoice. Please keep in mind that heavy weight items or large cartons are extremely costly to express ship. An additional adjustment may be needed above charges displayed in your confirmation, in this case, an adjusted invoice will be sent by email. There is no shipping to P.O. Boxes, physical UPS addresses only. Please include your event date on all rush or express orders.

Express shipping requests on single orders with multiple items and multiple points of origin (multiple vendors) will be shipped by a combination of methods determined by date needed to reduce your overall shipping cost.  This policy is added value and customers benefit from reduced Express shipping costs. Single item orders with Express shipping are never affected by this policy which is setup for multiple vendors only.
Example: An order received with multiple products and Next Day Air may be reduced to 2nd Day or even 3rd Day Express shipping on each item to keep your Express shipping cost lower as long as the order arrives by date needed. If Next Day Air is critical to date needed on all items in that order, additional shipping charges may be added for multiple item orders.

Shipping Errors refers to improper or incorrect addresses provided by the customer during the order process. Packages returned to We Do Weddings because of a wrong address on the original order will be reshipped and the additional shipping charge will be added to the original invoice charge. When the merchandise is in the possession of UPS, their customer service department will make every attempt to find the customer and redirect the package to the correct address. There is a $10.00 service charge to deliver to the correct address by UPS. This service charge will be added to the customer's original invoice. Shipping address errors usually occur when a package is delivered to the customer's place of employment, missing apartment numbers or to another shipping address other than the billing address. Care should be taken that addresses that are unfamiliar be checked for accuracy to avoid additional shipping charges. Do Weddings LLC will not be held responsible for orders that are late in arrival due to an incorrect address or alternate shipping addresses that are not the customer's residence. Do Weddings LLC does not ship customer orders to hotels, motels or resorts where the customer is a guest only, these orders will not be processed and an email will be sent stating we cannot process the order. If merchandise is returned as undeliverable, shipping costs are not refundable.

Late Deliveries: - We Do Weddings LLC will not be held responsible for orders delivered late when the order is placed late and improper shipping is selected, when a signature is needed and no one is available, when we are unaware of the date needed, an improper shipping address on your order form or delivery problems caused by weather conditions. Under normal conditions, if - We Do Weddings LLC cannot confidently make your date, your order will be canceled and you will be notified by email. An In-Plant Rush is not express shipping. Orders with an In-Plant Rush will be processed on the day received but will still ship via ground services. No refund or return will be due if it is deemed that all procedures were followed to make the delivery under conditions as specified. When orders are placed early and when you are aware of production times in product descriptions, late deliveries are never an issue.

Special Instructions UPS, Federal Express, Airborne Express, DHL and the US Postal Service have their own delivery policies for different areas of the country as far as "signing for" or placement on delivery. It is impossible to add special delivery instructions to a shipping label. If a customer needs special delivery instructions other than type of service, that is between the customer and their local service provider.

Shipping Rate Examples - click here

Return Policy

*There are no returns on personalized items. Errors on personalized items that were made by We Do Weddings will be replaced at no charge including shipping costs. Occasionally vendors may upgrade products at the last minute to provide a higher quality product to our customers. This product replacement is not limited to the item itself but may also cover printing and engraving locations and procedures as deemed appropriate by our printers. These products may be similar but not identically as pictured. Personalized products in this category are non refundable when the product has been upgraded. Any errors in original ordering information including shipping addresses are the responsibility of the customer.

Color samples of products are professionally photographed and transferred to computer images using the highest quality software available. Colors may vary due to customer monitor settings as well as room lighting. Any variations in color will be proofed against original album color charts from the manufacturer. If these colors match original specifications, no claims can be made and no returns accepted.

Important Notice Engravable or personalized products that are ordered blank, are not returnable and cannot be engraved or printed at a later date. Due to the nature of materials for printing and the possibility of damage in transit, all products purchased blank that are normally personalized are not returnable. 'Guest Book name tags are not applied on the book while in-transit to prevent scratching and also some couples prefer the tag inside instead of outside the book. The tags are not sold separately. Since this is a personalized item, Guest Books not returnable.'

Products that are considered "single use party items" are Non-Returnable. All lingerie, bubbles, candles, wedding program papers, flip flops/sandals, garters, videos, computer software, invitation software, personalized items, invitations, invitation samples, candy, drink packets, mints, jordan almonds, aisle runners, wedding brooms, balloons, balloon strips, cake boxes, cake toppers, cameras, candles, candle holders, candle shades, confetti, decorations, hand held fans, blank matches or blank napkins, favor boxes, tableware, wedding brooms, wishing wells (monetary gift box) and centerpieces are single use party items and are NON-Returnable. Family Medallion products and hand held fans are special order items and all sales are final - No Returns. See product descriptions for any additional items in this category.

Return authorizations must be requested within 48 hours of receipt of your order, no exceptions.
Email with the "ship to" last name on your order for a return merchandise authorization number-RMA and record this number on your return address label to receive proper credit. DO NOT return items without an RMA number. You will receive an email reply and be given instructions for a return address along with your RMA number. Credit will be issued when item is received. Merchandise must be returned unopened and in resalable condition. Authorized returns must be received by Do Weddings LLC within 10 days after you receive your RMA number. Expired RMA returns will be refused on delivery and returned to sender.

Packages that are refused by the customer at delivery and/or returned to point of origin (point of origin in this case is a shipping agent that does not handle returns), will be considered lost and no credit will be issued. Investigation and proof of lost returned packages are the responsibility of the sender. All packages received without a proper RMA number are refused at delivery by We Do Weddings and returned to sender. - We Do Weddings LLC is not responsible for credit of shipping costs or return shipping costs. Credit on returns is limited to original item cost at time of purchase minus a 20% restocking charge. We Do Weddings cannot be held liable beyond original replacement costs of products received. PayPal charges will not be reimbursed on returns.

The production time for a personalized item may extend well beyond our normal 10 day window, please read the product information carefully. It is the customer's responsibility to order in advance and take the processing time into consideration. We will not approve a refund for a personalized item that arrives to you beyond the date engraved or printed if the order has been processed in our stated time frames. Orders that arrive late due to delivery problems such as an incorrect shipping address entered by the customer, are also not refundable. If the delivery problem is due to the shipper, reimbursements in this case are between the customer and the shipper and not


Please inspect merchandise immediately upon delivery. Do Weddings LLC must be notified by email immediately by writing to and no later than five days after receipt of package for missing, damaged or defective merchandise for further instructions and claim information. Once a shipment has left Do Weddings , the responsibility and ownership of the product has transferred to the shipping company and the customer. All claims and shortages must be made within 48 hours of delivery. We value our customers satisfaction and will make every effort to resolve these types of claims. Do not try to return a damaged product without instructions from our Customer Service Department.

BUBBLES, CANDY, CANDLES, JORDAN ALMONDS and any liquid or perishable products are shipped in perfect condition with care in packaging and timeliness of transport. When UPS leaves the package on delivery, the customer is responsible for receipt of these shipments. Do Weddings LLC is not responsible for frozen, melted or damaged products that have been left out in extreme weather conditions. Once this type of shipment has left Do Weddings LLC, the responsibility and ownership of the product has transferred to the shipping company and the customer. The customer is ultimately responsible for providing a safe delivery location.

TOASTING FLUTES / GLASSWARE our toasting flutes and glasses are hand crafted and hand engraved. Each flute may not be identical but are as close as possible in style and dimensions. These are not imperfections and any differences will not be notable to detract from the high quality of these products.

Out of Stock Items Do Weddings LLC takes pride in providing one of the largest inventories of wedding products available on the internet. Our inventory is checked daily and great efforts are made to quickly post "out of stock" signs or messages on products unavailable for shipping within 3 weeks. From time to time, an item may become unavailable due to popularity, sales or manufacturer's inventory. Even though our basic policy on shipping is to have your purchase to you as specified in your email confirmation, customers will be notified by email only when a product is scheduled to ship longer than 3 weeks from purchase or in the case where we will not be able to make your event date. If an item is out of stock that you have ordered and will not be able to deliver to you in time for your event, that order will be immediately canceled and an email cancellation notice will be sent. Event dates are based on any product personalization or dates mentioned in the comments section of the order form. Do Weddings LLC cannot be held liable for late deliveries in cases where dates have not been mentioned in the original order form such as In Plant Rushes or Express Shipping.

Cancellation Policy - We Do Weddings LLC is proud of our fast, customer oriented service. Most orders are processed within minutes after receiving your order. Before you place your order, please be sure these are the items you would like delivered. It is physically and logistically impossible to flag one particular order and alter it in anyway. You cannot cancel an order once it has been received. If you have changed your mind, please follow the return policy listed above as applicable to items ordered if that item is returnable. As always, personalized products are never returnable. Rush service or Express shipping cannot be added to an order once it has been placed. Please make these requests before finalizing your order. Be sure to read the product descriptions for the production time before an item actually ships. Note: When paying by credit card, payment will be charged at the time of order.

Imprint Personalization Policy / Save the Dates / Invitations

When customers enter too many letters / spaces not allowed in a product description, our printers may at their discretion eliminate text and spaces that do not comply with that product's description. The printer also reserves the right to correct invitation copy to meet socially acceptable text and standards in the invitation print process for space, location, punctuation marks, and wording. Printer discretion may also be used on any personalization and grammar errors on all products such as napkins, matches, ribbons, boxes  etc., that are not placed in socially acceptable or proper etiquette form.
CAPITAL Letters: Long spans of text in all upper-case are harder to read because of the absence of the ascenders and descenders found in lower-case letters, which can aid recognition. Capital letters are only used on the first letter of a name when printing or engraving. Text submitted in all caps will be corrected to upper and lower case letters as applicable.

The term "FOIL" refers to the special ink process  (foil stamped) used in personalization. On orders with personalization (imprinting), if no ink or foil color is requested, SILVER FOIL will be used as a default.

Some lighter shade ink colors may not be suitable (legible) on certain color napkins. Printer discretion may be used if the imprint ink color needs to be changed to a foil. So as not to delay your order, if there is no foil color that closely matches the ink selection, the ink color will be changed at the printer's discretion to match your color scheme.

We are not responsible for customer submitted errors such as names and location misspelling and dates since dates vary by national origin, country location or military status. Orders and email confirmations are not retyped or re-entered by any staff members, they are automated for speed of service. What you see is what you entered during your order. "&" Ampersands are generally not an accepted format when printing names especially on some paper and most engraving. In these cases, the order will be corrected to the accepted format of the word "and". Example: Melissa & Michael (incorrect) - Melissa and Michael (correct). Ampersands in certain fonts will be unrecognizable and will not look like your "keyboard" ampersand.
Any guarantees on personalization production errors are limited to product replacement only. Text submitted in print form is generally guaranteed to be produced as submitted. Text submitted by voicemail or phone order is verified at time of receipt but is not guaranteed when received in voice format. Your best option for accuracy is always to submit your order online in print form. There are no refunds or cash discounts allowed.

In special cases where a customer has added too many names or too many characters and spaces or special text beyond the original format, the printer reserves the right to make a special die cut to facilitate printing. This die cut charge will be $25.00 - $50.00 extra depending on space needed and will be added at time of shipping.

Engraved / Foil Stamped Dates: Dates are engraved or foil stamped on products as shown in the examples for that item. Date configurations that do not conform to hand engraving or printer software will be printed in the standard accepted etiquette form. (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, etc., - letters after numbers are not acceptable date forms.)  The printer reserves the right to correct dates into acceptable forms at time of engraving. Toasting flutes, glasses and goblets will only have one name on each item with date. The printer/engraver reserves the right to join or separate names as space allows. All engraved products are considered high quality engraving as they are individually hand engraved. Due to maximum space limitations for certain products, some dates will be engraved or printed in numerals only. Example: April 15, 2020 will be engraved as 4-15-20 depending on hand engraving or vendor software.

Imprint Designs and Fonts

On napkins, matches and matchless notepad orders, designs and fonts as selected and if in stock, will be used. In some cases to expedite delivery where a design or font have been discontinued, Do Weddings LLC printers reserve the right to substitute designs and/or fonts to the closest design and/or font available. On orders where a design was not selected, no design will be printed. Orders received with no text in the data fields will be shipped blank as ordered and are not returnable.

There are over 1000 acceptable wedding fonts worldwide. For convenience in ordering and speed of service at Do Weddings LLC font styles used on all imprinted products will generally be an acceptable standard "wedding style" script. Engraving font styles are selected by the manufacturer and in most cases will generally be as shown. Invitations will be printed in the font style displayed or recommended by the manufacturer (printer) for that invitation. Some products have a font style selection in which case, the font used will be the one selected.

Customers who have a specific font style request, (invitations only), should send a sample via fax. The closest matching font to your sample will be used. Please make note in the comments section of the order form when placing your order. Do Weddings LLC will not be held responsible for font errors on styles requested by the customer after approval. All font requests must be submitted at time of order.

Cinderella, Mickey & Minnie and Pooh © Disney - restrictions for use may apply. Unauthorized use and duplication is strictly prohibited. Disney copyright items cannot be sold blank and are intended for wedding use only. Disney copyright items are not available for export.

Affiliate Sales Partners and Separate Shopping Carts

Carlson Craft is an affiliate partner of - We Do Weddings LLC. Orders placed for items from these sites will not be included in your regular shopping cart purchases at Separate shipping charges will apply. Sales and information requests will be handled separately by those divisions. Separate deliveries will also be made for purchases from these affiliate sites.

Email Alert

Due to internet security restrictions, - We Do Weddings LLC only accepts and reads email sent in text-only formats. All email received with html format or with any attached files are not read and immediately filtered and deleted. Responses will be sent in text-only format unless you have signed up to participate in We Do Weddings Insider email updates. Current virus technology has the ability to change sender email addresses. Please be assured that Do Weddings LLC uses the most current virus protection hardware and software available. Do Weddings LLC or it's staff will never send any emails with attachments. We strongly suggest that in the event you have received an email attachment from or , that you delete that email immediately as it was probably generated by a virus program.

Trademarks and Copyrights

"Wedding Accessories That Reflect Personality" ©, is a copyrighted slogan of Do Weddings LLC, all rights reserved. ® and logo are a registered trademark of Do Weddings LLC

SPECIAL RECOGNITION: - We Do Weddings has been awarded the Carlson Craft ® Distinuished Dealer Award for Outstanding Sales Achievement and Service to their Customers every year from 1995 to 2015 without exception. You can be assured every order receives the professional attention you deserve.

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